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Create a generation of African youths equipped to solve the continent’s problems starting with Nigeria

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Partnering to build a continent where all African youths become solution providers.

Established in 2017, The Ganglion Initiative is an organization established to create a generation of youths equipped to respond to the dynamic challenges of Africa. The future of Africa is poised to face numerous challenges ranging from governance to climate change. However, institutions on the continent are numerically inadequate and not evolving to respond to educate youths to tackle these prospective challenges.

The youth population in Africa is currently the highest of any continent in the world (over 200 million) and is projected to increase by 42% in 2030. This staggering population of youths has prompted the question of their role as: “a ticking time bomb” or “an opportunity”. 



— We prepare for the future

We offer 3 hour interactive career counselling and university admission sessions to pre-university students. We believe one of the ways to move forwards is to stop making lawyers out of our nuclear physicists.


— We help to leap

Knowledge is not domicile in an island so we know that it is impossible for youths to stop seeking knowledge in neighbouring countries.  We therefore make the admission process easier by organising webinars and seminars with the hope that the knowledge acquired will be used for the good of the continent.


— We create models

We aim to organise spelling bees,quiz competitions, debate competitions, science fairs and other educative programme to rekindle the love for critical thinking, education and development and make our geniuses known to the world.


— We Educate

We are working on informative career counselling and personal development workbooks to extend the reach of our award winning approach.


— We nourish entrepreneurs and leaders

Quality education goes beyond being book smart. It incorporates trans-formative leadership skills, entrepreneurial wittiness, a heart of service among others. 


— We Consult

Because career counsellors are a bit scarce, we are usually the only form of structured unbiased guidance youths have while growing up. If you are interested in having our team over in your school, reach out to us and we will start discussing with you.


Ibrahim has been confused about what to do with his life after secondary school …  

… his friend brought him along to a career programme where he learnt about his various options and is now empowered to choose the right career and institution based on his profile. he was also told about free money ( scholarships) he never knew existed in tertiary institutions.

Chioma has been perplexed over her graduate school admission application.she doesnt even know where to start....

…while looking at trendy footwear on Facebook page stumbled on the Ganglion initiative Facebook page and everything became much easier.



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